Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Legion – 5″ 9mm COMMERCIAL 320X5-9-LEGION-R2 CUT FOR ROMEO 1 PRO AND RMR


What you can’t see in the photo is that this new XFIVE Legion weighs much more than current P320 X5 pistols by a whopping 7.9 ounces (it weighs 43.5 ounces). They accomplished this increase in weight by infusing Tungsten into the grip module. Sig is calling it a TXG Tungsten infused heavy XGrip module.


Since we aren’t expecting to get an all metal grip module, this is definitely the next best thing! To put it into perspective, Walther’s new Q5 Match Steel frame pistol weighs 41.6 oz empty. A P226 X5 Tactical weighs approximately 35.5 oz and a P220 10mm Legion weighs 44 oz so this is just a half ounce lighter.


The X5 Legion will be offered in 17rnd capacity. The high capacity magazine will hold 17 rounds and the base pads are aluminum. The other P320 mags. (17rd and 21rd) should work as well since the height hasn’t changed.