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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Handgun Ammo

Handgun ammo is simply the most important part of owning and using a handgun because without it, you can’t shoot anything! Whether you are a gun collector, hunter or just looking for some personal protection, handgun ammo is a must!
It’s important that you know what type of ammo is best for your gun and the characteristics that make one better than another. Most importantly here at MyGunRights we can provide some of the best prices on the market with our best selling handgun ammo sale! In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about handgun ammo to help you find the perfect type for your needs!

Types of handgun ammo for sale at MyGunRights

Here at MyGunRights, we have all types of handgun ammo for sale and are proud to sell some of the very best quality brands. To start, let’s break down all the different types of handgun ammo and give you a quick idea as to what they are used for.
Full metal jacket (FMJ) Handgun Ammo
This type of ammunition is used for target practice and plinking. It has a lead core surrounded by a full metal shell, which makes it easy to shoot at the range because you don’t have to worry about shooting through paper targets with fragments that may cause damage or ricochet off the backstop behind the targets.
Hollow point (HP) handgun ammo
The hollowed-out shape of this bullet allows for penetration and expansion upon impact, which is ideal if you want to use your handgun for hunting or home defence because it can cause a lot more damage than full metal jacket ammo! When shopping on MyGunRights we have some great deals on hollow point handgun ammo for sale!

Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Handgun Amma
This is a combination of the two types listed above, which makes it great for target practice because you get all the benefits of full metal jacket ammo with some added piercing power from the hollow point. This is the ideal type of handgun ammo for general use!

Soft Point (SP) Handgun Ammo
This is a great choice when you are in need of hunting or self-defense ammunition. Soft point bullets have an exposed soft lead tip that causes it to expand upon impact, which provides more kinetic energy transfer into the target and enhances stopping power.
Self-Defence Ammunition Handgun Ammo
If you are looking for the best handgun ammo to protect yourself or your family, look no further than our self-defence ammunition! Our selection of self defence rounds features many different types of calibres and brands. Whether it’s 38 special ammo, 357 magnum bullets or 380 ACP cartridges that fits your needs we have them all!
All of these different types of handgun ammo are great for specific uses and if you’re looking to do some target practice at the range, choose full metal jacket cartridges. If you want better penetration in order to hunt or defend your home, go with our self-defence ammunition options that will suit any need when it comes to personal protection.
We also have some great deals on bulk handgun ammo, so make sure to save even more money when you purchase in larger quantities!

Benefits of different types of handgun ammo

There are many benefits associated with using different types of handgun ammunition. Some calibres may be better suited for certain activities liking hunting whereas others may be better suited to protect your home.
The most common handgun calibres are .380 ACP, 38 Special and 357 Magnum. This is because they are easy to shoot without too much recoil which makes them ideal for smaller framed individuals who want something powerful but not overwhelming in size or power.

Some calibres, like the .40 S&W are slightly larger and more powerful but still easier to handle than other options. This is because it has fewer side effects of recoil making them suitable for smaller-framed shooters or beginners.
There are many benefits associated with different types of handgun ammunition so make sure to choose one that is suitable for its purpose in order to get the best experience feel free to call us at MyGunRights!

Our favourite handgun ammo for self defense

Choosing the best handgun ammo for personal protection is essential to you and your families safety, which is why we’re here to help you find the best deal on self-defence ammunition! 9mm is a great defensive carry calibre as it can stop an assailant in their tracks and has less penetration than larger calibres. the 9mm is also a great option for new and smaller-framed shooters because of the low recoil it has.
The 9mm is extremely popular with shooters because of its low cost and popularity. The cartridge is considered a great balance between power and recoil, which makes it perfect for carrying because of the stopping power it has. The cartridge is also very common so you won’t have any issues finding replacement ammo if needed.
The .380 is a great option as it also has low recoil and is small enough to be easily concealed. It also has a relatively flat trajectory making it an ideal cartridge for new shooters or smaller-framed individuals. The .380 ACP is considered to have slightly less stopping power than the other options but if you don’t need much penetration and want something easy to handle, then this may be the best handgun ammo choice for you!
Finally, we recommend the 22 WMR for those who want the smallest cartridge available. This is a great option for small-framed individuals or new shooters because of its easy handling. The WMR, on the other hand, has a somewhat higher level of penetration than other calibres. It’s still a good round to use if you don’t require much penetration in order to defend yourself from an attacker!

Handgun ammo for bear defence in the USA

When it comes to stopping bears we are after one thing with our ammo… POWER! Some individuals feel the minimum calibre for charging bears is the .44 Magnum, while others have chosen a Glock 20 in 10mm Auto and entirely missed by the .357 S&W Magnum. With a 9mm, some people have even slain bears. While a well-placed shot from a 10mm may suffice, the .357 Mag. has 780 ft.-lbs. of energy, while the 10mm has about 728 ft.- lbs., both using a 180-grain Buffalo Bore bullet.
The 10mm’s popularity is also due to the fact that it is a good deer-goal calibre, but there are certain drawbacks. Many shooters have cycling issues with the 10mm because of the “limp-wrist syndrome,” which isn’t an issue with a revolver and is the last thing you want to encounter while charging a bear. The .357 is also available in smaller-framed revolvers that are more suited to smaller hands, making it an excellent choice for women and newcomers. The. 357 has demonstrated its worth as a capable close-range bear stopper in any case.

In conclusion, handgun ammo comes in all shapes and sizes but here at MyGunRIghts we have all the options you need to get started. Take advantage of the great sale we have today! Protect yourself and your family in the process. We hope this guide was helpful, keep your eyes peeled for more in the future.